Thursday, August 20, 2009


Greetings on a dark and dreary mid-morning.
Ye olde "Be careful what you wish for...." I am starting to wish that it would stop raining.... After too many days of too dry. Oh well. I like the sun.

We have a weekend free of art fairs and we don't know what to do. Culture? Cleaning? Creating? Taking a nap? Or simply playing tennis till our legs fall off? Yes, Mr. Todd and I are playing lots of Ugly Tennis. We are getting better - but the doings are still not attractive. I will watch Rafa and Roger and Venus and Serena with even more awe than in the past. I will pay attention to the teacher giving lessons to youngsters in the other court. I will see if any of the bears are willing to grab a racket on a paper court.

Summer is tending toward heading for over. I want light skies at 5 A.M, and at 9 P.M.

Oh goody. The drip drops are letting up for a wee tad. Time to send a "Not really balanced. Don't really care." tee-shirt off to a customer. We ordered some new colors this time - Safety green and lavender and a nice light blue.

On to the day's adventures-

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Macaroon Mountain

Yup, there's one left sitting in the case here at Stillwater's Fresh Fields Cafe and Bakery. Sadly, it's not for me today..... The result of too many Cheeto, peanut buuter & butter on toast, and kettle corn art-fair travel eating adventures. Sigh. So, lovely coconut gooey, crunchy, dark chocolately yumminess - you get to make another person happy today.

Art fair adventures of late have also included - not in order:
- getting the chance AT LAST to tour the Glensheen Mansion in Duluth. Do I truly yearn now for a room's ceiling to be completely covered in gold-leaf? No. Could I deal with owning a few Art Deco-tiled fire-places? Easily. Could we use a little help with our formal and veggie gardens? You bet! But I do still like our split-level ranch house fine and dandy.

- The miracle of multi-relative and shirt-tail relative trading of working large vehicles due to our usually-trusty but ancient red Ford pick-up deciding to not want to be a part of a trip to Chicago and southern Wisconsin. Things worked out! Favors have been paid and re-paid. We appreciate the efforts of one and all.

- Meeting folks of all stripe and interest and parts of the country (and Canada!). This is why we toil through the Winter.

I'll detail more fully a tad down the pike. I have to get back to the habit of typing.