Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Baby Steps

This is just to remind me that:

1) The Centennial Lakes art fair was a smashing success for us! And FUN in unexpected ways, too. The Life Lesson that from Not Good Things can come Great Things.

2) I have already emptied one box in Studio B this morning.
3) The kitchen counter tops are almost all empty and clean. Except for one...
4) Here is Stillwater, MN September 15th dawned sunny blue clear and fresh-aired. I am sadly aware that many folks out West would do wish the same where they live. 
5) There are projects fulfilled and projects ahead.
6) The little freezer downstairs holds many potential tomato-based eatings.
7) Classical Music rules the radio at present - after Sports Talk rehashing of Vikings loss to 49ers.
8) The Sunday paper has been read and recycled.
9) It's time to join a Tuesday crew for Tuesday breakfast doings.
10) There is a Lake Country Pastel Society meeting tonight. I missed the last one and there are only six a year.

Word for the Week: (for me) STRIVE

Here is me holding "Duffy" one last time. He is a family favorite, but it was time for a new family to give him a new home. Mixed emotions ruled the moment. And Thank You! to new owners. If one can really own an imaginary bear...?

On to a day of working at antique shop, tackling book-keeping, and trying to keep the Hope and Zest that appeared in heart this morning. (this, too shall pass!)

This weekend holds art fair in Marine-On-St.-Croix, MN. About a fifteen minute lovely curving drive north of Stillwater. We'll be in Flag Park - Booth 25 A.

Hugs to all who want/need them!


PS - The new web-design is partially done. We will be adding more content as weeks go along. Eventually it should be a great place to hang around with the bruins. Huzzah and hooray!

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

September - Attitude Adjustment Needed

I need a Fresh Mindset.

Less Inner Bitchy. More Outwardly Appreciative.

So - ON TO IT!


Mr. Mozart is helping the mellower mood so far this morning.

And a bunch of Facebook Buddies are starting our 30 Day Walk-Cam Adventure again. 

You are more than welcomed to join in - Simplest Rules? Take a walk. Post a photo on your Status.

So - on to the joys and tasks of the day.

It is forecast to be Hot and Muggy here. I plan on re-starting writing Morning pages (3), cooking down tomatoes and filling orders and cleaning house. After coming home from Always Interesting Breakfast.

And continuing to learn How to Work in a Relaxed, non-frenzied manner.

Happy as Possible

September 1st! (Yes, these 'maters are already sauce. No, I didn't simmer the Tennis Ball.)


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