Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Sliding By

Doing the bear  (mispelled pun intended) 
Mininum to get by.
Sweeping the kitchen floor.
Making the bed. 
Feeding squirrels and birds.

Missing Energy.
Missing Perk.
Vim. Vigor.
The will to strive and thrive.

Cannot blame lack of Sunlight today.
There is Sunshine on hands and arms.
I am seriously Thankful for this.

Cannot blame others.
Cannot blame.

But cannot find an answer
To the not-doing
The slow doing
The un-doing

What's smothering the Inner Perk?
What's braking  Inner Drive?
Life's gears are disengaged
And slacking fills the day

Is this reheasal
For forever
If so -
bring on anxiety as well

Sloth and panic
Make such
Lovely pals

Breathe in
Breathe out


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