Saturday, December 31, 2011

Okie Dokie

Happy Last Day of Old Year. My head is buzzing less, but hasn't stopped buzzing. Tinnitus is becoming more interesting than mostly maddening. Hip hoorah.

Anyway, here are two images from Autumn. Loud and quiet? Frenzied and calm? Both contain much mystery and can be points of contemplation. You get to decide how to put them to use. As to the drawing - I was slightly disappointed in it, and remembered all the musical instruments I've wasted in this life. On the other hand, a friend was Excited and plans to use a drawing inspired by this piece as a party invitation. Ya just never know. Draw on!

The crows, ravens, black birds (?) were perched on a wire outside my son's Duluth, Minnesota apartment on an early October morning. I was waiting outside and looking up. Birds on wires.
Two. For a long time. They would move a bit - mostly their heads, and become more abstract geometric forms than their actual selves. The digital camera got a workout, as did my decision making. Will I ever use these images? I'm hoping so. They became sort of a short-hand bird alphabet on how to sit on a narrow wire filled with electricity. They were calm. I was a little nervous. But having fun and hoping that they'd still a bit longer. They stayed longer than I stayed interested. Birds; 1, Sue:0

Who knows? Its the last day of December and they might still be on line.

On to the next 30 Day Challenge. Deviant Art? Etsy? Writing personal letters in long-hand on PAPER and mailing the envelope with a STAMP? Choosing deadline is at hand. Fork in road is being stared at.

Happy New Year to one and all, young and old, friend and foe, rich and poor, ill and healthy.

On to working on Pudge's pastel brother - so far he's named "Pretty Bertie" - whether he'll put up with this is another matter.

Sue Rowe

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