Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Play Day 3 - Draw Faster

AThis morning I have, as always, too much to do. Here, the kitchen timer is our friend. Mission on Play Day 3 - draw as many bear faces as possible in five minutes. Yes, you may gather your materials before-hand. I didn't, so had to re-set timer. Ready, set, draw!!!

 As you can see, these are not the fanciest of bruins - but they are the ones who came to exist. No real plans except, as the writers say, Keep the Pen Moving! So I did. And when the timer went off I cheated a bit, as the charcoal guy on the bottom was not even as unfinished as he is now. So, feel free to add a few seconds to your fun if you so decide.

No change in image, just goofing off in scale. Gotta use up the space - ha ha. My favorite is the hatted type. I'm a sucker for a good cap or hat - always have been, always will be.

So, if you want to make art fast - set that timer and scribble away. Or write a poem in five minutes. If people can make excellent ten-second films, and they can, we have No Excuses.

On to the Grand Adventure! Use an art supply today, or do something fun with peanut butter and jam.

Good Luck playing!

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