Friday, March 1, 2013

Desk and Journals - 10

One More Part of ChallengeAccomplished!

Hard to believe. The once-more-than-crammed-full-of-papers drawer has been emptied!

Emptied, turned over and particles knocked into waste basket, lovingly dusted, showed off to impressed husband, and carefully returned to old solid grooves. Yes, it now houses  few things - the one gallon sized plastic bag of saved papers, a small cutting board, some "I'm taking a long walk," "Dad & I are on the long walk," "I'm walking to Greeley" notes that get re-used through the year. That's all.

That was yesterday's fifteen minute adventure.

Today's was taking papers from the bag and cutting and folding some to be made into more small journals. Eight journals worth of papers are out of one bag and into another. Ye haw. Or Woo Hoo.

Yes, these days the tiniest of baby steps are semi-exciting.

Here are bags: Think what you will -

Journals to the left, useful paper to the right. And, yes, I got picky about the papers. So now the question is what will happen when MORE paper wants to find it's way into this desk? That's when discipline and judgement will come into serious play.

On the artsy side - March 2-3 will find us vending at the Hilldale Center in Madison, Wisconsin, and the following week we plan to be at Green Bay, Wis's Arti Gras Art Festival (right across from Lambeau Field).

This morning cashews were the subject of sketching. And a snack after breakfast.

Now it's time to quit this fun and get on to making signage for the show.

"Courage and perseverance have a magical talisman, before which difficulties and obstacles vanish into air." - John Quincy Adams.
Or one can hope...

Do something fun. Make someone happy.


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