Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Thankful - And Again

Today I am Thankful for (in no particular order):

1) this MacBook laptop computer.
2) the friends it allows me to talk with almost instantly.
3) bunny videos on YouTube.
4) we didn't get most of the weather forecast for the past two days.
5) time to make a cup of tea
6) a good variety of herbal teas from which to choose.
7) knowing what we have to bring for Thanksgiving Dinner.
8) knowing that we don't have to host Thanksgiving Dinner.
9) those who host Thanksgiving Dinners.
10) images of Garden 2014:

BIG GREEN!!!!!!!!!

11) Todd vacuuming the living room yesterday.
12)being given probably a life-time supply of certain Prismacolor colored pencils!
13) being able to deliver art for Phipps Center for the Arts gift shop today instead of on the worst day of recent storm.
14) bacon.
15) our adult children having a bunch of excellent friends.
16) most excellent friends - and most excellent relatives.
17) not shoveling and plowing our way through 24 inches of snow in my hometown of Gurney, Wisconsin. Happy Winter, everybody!?!
18) words that can change color with a single Clink!
19) a large card order that was picked up and paid for yesterday. 

20) THIS sort of thing not happening here everyday:


21) not being able to recall the oops moment happening.
22) heavy-duty lined leather boots.
23) being able to donate books/art magazines to Hudson, Wisconsin's Little Library. Little Libraries are Awesome!!
24) my head's dinging slightly less "loudly" this morning - huzzah. (Ya take what ya can get!)
25) the last of the garden kale made into crunchy chips.
26) that, through this practice, perhaps I have persuaded a few readers into giving Thanks or being Grateful for slightly more than three things each day.
27) being able to check "BLOG!!" off the day's list - and probably do it before 8 A.M!
28) food, and toothbrushes, and electricity.
29) people who write and publish books.

30) good local coffee shops in which to sit and sketch (though I don't go as often as I should anymore. - hmm - maybe today?)

May your day go as you wish it to go - mostly. 
Off to light the candles for those who need and want them. 
Mainly 'cause I like goofing off with lighters and hot flaming wax. 
And Thinking of Folks who might need a Good Thought.


P.S.: The polar bear from yesterday is now finished, matted, and available for sale. $60.00 - postage paid. Can't keep 'em all!

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