Saturday, January 3, 2009

Cleaning Time

January. Third. Two-thousand-nine......

What are we doing? Cleaning!!!!! Sorting!!! Ripping up and tossing out! Finding the "new" iron below the pile of pillow cases. Seeing empty horizontal spaces when we open certain doors.

In the studio the whole space under the table is empty. Todd will have to tell me where he put some stuff. The other stuff I know. Every piece of paper and mat-board have been touched and considered. The unused pieces have been sorted from the artwork. The artwork has been re-sorted into ripped and trashed, stuff saved for future possible inspiration, and actual showable pieces. I feel an hour of recreational burning coming on. I am not a complete hoarder - whew!

It's time to go scrape palettes now. The work desk will be tackled soon - but right now it's time to scape paint.

- Sue

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