Saturday, May 29, 2010

A Perfect Day?

Greetings -
It's another perfect day in late May. Lupines blooming, bees checking out their blossoms, blue sky, green grass, light breeze, warmish not hot. Will need to remember this sort of thing in the midst of January 2011.
We are heading downtown to check on doings on Stillwater, MN's Main Street. A ribs cook-off is going on as I type --- eeek! I'm missing out on ribs!
Tomorrow holds The Stillwater Marathon and other races. Part of the route passes close to home so we may go out and cheer on the running folk.
The art fair season is shaping up. No Lake Genevea, WI spot for us this year, but we will be at many of our usual events. Looking forward to seeing old friends and making new ones! We will get the schedule on our website:

I've been working on some Graduation card designs. Late, of course, but in time for next year. And now a few more moose are sticking their noses into cards and magnets. They are both fun to draw and hard to draw. And with luck they will find fans among the bear customers.

Glad to hear that black bears Lily and Hope were re-united up in Ely. That luck does not happen every time cubs and moms get separated. And most wild bears'doings don't turn into international news.

Wishing everyone a safe and thoughtful Memorial Day weekend.


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