Saturday, May 15, 2010

A New Day

Greetings -
Getting ready to hit the garage-sale trail again. The Grand Adventure! Yesterday held a stash of old mapbooks and almanacs sorts. One illustration from 1890 detailed the national debt of countrys around the world. Our per capita amount - a little over $42.00 each.... Ya, I know...that was lots of money back then. But it was doable, in the potential paying-it-off way. Oh well. this too shall change?
The niftiest thing found , and I didn't find it, was a ceramic bear fetish, with a lovely fish around it's neck. Good Auntie Linda, Todd's sister, bought it for a nickel, and gave it to me when we met up at a sale. Thank you Linda! It's a keeper. I found an old discarded library book, a diary of Laura Ingalls Wilder'a travels from the Dakotas to Missouri in the late 1800's. Travel is easier now - wow.
Linda loves Laura so will get the book.

The pastel bears are being ignored in favor of Sharper Marker bears that can be done in coffeeshops. A beauty-parlor sort climbed her way out of the pen on Wednesday. She's an impatient go-getter but right now is stuck under that hot-air hood.

On to our day!

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