Tuesday, March 2, 2021


Welcome -  

March, 2021 is upon us, and so - another monthly Personal Challenge. I do not remember how many years I've set these tasks to myself - but many. Some epic fails. Some pretty good successes.

 Fears and joys as days come and pass. 

This month: Blog Thirty-one Times

As you can see, I'm already a day "behind."

So it goes.

On to squirrels - 

Here, squirrels make the days better. We say that we are filling the bird feeders, but we are lying. Squirrels are in almost complete control of the sunflower seeds and suet. And that is OK. Local chickadees and juncos and bluejays come and go. But the grey/black squirrels know the backyard is theirs.

I have taken to buying shelled sunflower seeds to put by the back door. If the window glass is kept reasonably clean, shots of the fluffy chunks are quite easy to come by. I will never have the patience of the true wildlife photographer or videographer, but there are days that I think of them as I try to out wait a particular beastie. No panthers or pandas for me - and that's OK.

Well, that wasn't so hard. Sigh. The battles with the self are odd but real.

On to book keeping. And then on to, with mask on, drawing at a local assisted care facility. The residents who come to participate are masked, at a distance, but still willing to come up with ideas for me to attempt depicting on those big sheets of paper. We have missed having this fun for most of the months of the pandemic. We've found that so many things we took for granted are actually little gems of treasured time.

On to book keeping. And pondering the universe. A universe with squirrels.



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