Wednesday, March 3, 2021

The Ones That Go Away

Greetings - 

Through odd choices and stuff that happened, somehow I have managed to be a professional artist for a bunch of years. Still amazed. Like many other artists and craftspeople, I make things  - and then I hope to sell the things I make. We make things that we like to make. We make things that people like to buy. Sometimes we do both.

Several years ago I visited the rabbit barn at the Minnesota State Fair. I like rabbits very much. When I was a kid in very northern Wisconsin, we raised a number of bunnies. New Zealand Whites, Himalayans, others. Never any lop-eared beasties. I do not know why.

Anyway, when I visit the rabbit barn the camera is very busy. Because almost every bunny has its charm. Oh, this one is nibbling kibble. Oh, this one is scratching its ear! Oh, this one is twitching it's dear little nose. On and on and on. Click click click. So many clicks...

And it's LOUD in rabbit barn. And often it is very warm - some will say Sweltering....  Onward-

To winter. And wanting to paint a new pastel. Scroll past so many rabbit photos in the collection. Oh, a little lop. Eyes closed. Hmm. There is something about this bunny. I have art supplies and time.

After many, many, many pastel pencil scritches on a small piece of substrate this image appears - 

I like it. It's "real" - but not really real. After trial and error, it became a bit of state fair magic. And a lie. The peaceful "Zen Bun" was inspired by a lovely rabbit simply attempting aa bit of peace in a hot, bright, hectic, loud building. That's art for ya.

And because I am a professional artist, I mat and frame this little rabbit. But I want to keep it. But I want someone to buy it. Sigh. And that is what happened. A woman at a December art festival decided to love this painting as much as I do. Enough to buy it. For a decent amount. We chat and smile. And do the transaction.

And because I really really loved this painting I kissed the glass before wrapping it up. (It's a think I do with my favorites.) There are so many more bunnies who will offer inspiration. But there is only one "Zen Bun 1."

Now art festivals being planned for later in 2021. It's time to get back to work. A year of pandemic mostly-unpaid sabbatical is soon to be at an end.



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