Saturday, December 2, 2017

Tiny Goals and Larger Doings

One goal or challenge for 2017 is to blog at least two hundred times. I don't know why that particular number came to mind as this has headed into - perhaps it was not too much to make the brain anxious in January, but yet enough to be an actual challenge - as the most entries I'd ever made previously was eighty-four, back in 2011. Oddly, this was the year the health "adventure" began.

This morning there are no particularly great inspiring words to be typed. Just - Show Up. Keep Going. You can do it. That sort of thing. To self and whever might be reading. And that "You can do it" is even a tiny lie. Two weeks ago Todd dislocated his right shoulder. There are things he cannot do. He WANTS to do them, but, physically, he simply can not. Or he would reinjure himself if he did certain stuff he would really like doing. So - Show Up, Keep Going?

Or don't? Maybe sometimes it's time to STOP. Or not show up. Our days are made up of all those decisions and choices. 

Yesterday I STOPPED eating sugar - yes, again. Today my noggin feels slightly better, and the tinnitus is less "loud." Why I do not remember  this Sugar = "Louder" Tinnitus (at least in my case) all the time is still fascinating. I will make future self suffer for two days for the temporary JOY thirty-mintues eating  a most excellent white chocolate-cranberry scone at the Buffalo (MN) Books and Coffee shop. 

Today holds an art sale at Roberts, Wisconsin's Color Crossing. There WILL be excellent snacks. Pulling will from the "SuperBetter" book, my epic quest today is "Eat No Sugary Snacks." I am already envisioning NOT putting paw into M&Ms bowl. NOT reaching for a small cookie. Practicing now for real later.

Guessing that's about it. Time to gather stuff together and get the show on the road. It will be another not-Winter day here in the Upper Midwest. Mixed emotions. A friend photographed a confused blooming dandion in her town in southern Wisconsin. IN DECEMBER. Ponder this. Or not. The choice is yours.

On to the day!

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